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No product placements – All topics and services covered on the website are key issues of Family Offices Business, such as Governance, Asset Management, Legal Structures, Philanthropy and many more.

The Family Office Academy services are exclusive for subscribers. In order to get full access all applicants must affirm their direct, active and professional involvement in the family office industry and/or must be working for a single or multi-family office without product placements. This also includes family members, charitable foundations and professionals from the asset management industry without product placements. Positive confirmation is given by the Family Office Academy registration team.

To do this you will have to identify the organisation that you work for and highlight the responsibilities that bring you into contact with the family office industry.

Only after the registration team has verified your commitment to the family office industry you will be allowed to access the website. Although this may mean a short delay in your ability to access the site when registering, in this way we hope to demonstrate our commitment to preserving the integrity of the Family Office Academy website and network.

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